Expert Guide to Buy Bitcoins Anonymously

Bitcoin is a digital secret decentralized currency that is not controlled by any country’s central government or bank. The online world’s people were first introduced to a digital payment system called cryptocurrency through Bitcoin. Being able to use cryptocurrency privately and confidentially is one of the biggest advantages these days. Many people call these cryptocurrencies as 100% anonymous transaction process which is completely wrong. Now the thing is that if you want to buy Bitcoin, you have to share some specific personal information, now the thing is if you have to share personal information then your privacy will be greatly reduced; now anyone you buy Bitcoins from or through may disclose personal information about your Bitcoin transactions. Now the point is that Bitcoin is used by people to make their transactions confidentially but it is complicated due to low reliability when buying Bitcoin. Today in this article we are going to talk about how Bitcoin works and how to buy it secretly or anonymously. Many people think that Bitcoin is completely anonymous but Bitcoin is not completely anonymous.

Bitcoin: What Is It?

Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency that is not controlled by any third party. Bitcoin’s network is not controlled by any central party; it operates entirely in its own environment. Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency that you can buy, sell, and exchange without banks or other financial institutions. Just as we can buy and sell online with dollars, pounds, and other currencies, we also buy and sell online with this open source currency, Bitcoin.

It was invented by an unknown person named Satoshi Nakamoto or his entire team who revolutionized the monetary system. It was invented in 2008 but published for public use in 2009. It is a currency system that does not require any central control. Bitcoin is a currency that exists in the online world, it doesn’t exist in the real world, and you can’t carry it in your pocket like traditional currency. It conducts peer-to-peer transactions with one another without the need for an intermediary. This transaction information is stored in the blockchain and is a public ledger where anyone can view the transaction with a specific password.

No central bank or other financial institution is required to complete this transaction process. Bitcoin is one of the digital currencies of the world, which is now called digital gold by many people. It relies on blockchain technology and is protected by a layer of security by cryptography design. Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency of the age. Bitcoin is a digital currency that is mined by solving a mathematical problem that cannot be recreated by anyone. Blockchain is a record that can’t be changed at will, and since it has no central authority, it needs to be used very carefully. Currently there are more than 19000 cryptocurrencies in the online world and the market value of Bitcoin is the highest. Bitcoin mining requires very high speed computers and high voltage electricity. Bitcoin transactions are stored in a public ledger, so these transactions can be viewed using advanced technology. Another problem is that when you buy bitcoins you have to share all kinds of personal information if anyone thinks they can find out about the source and destination of the bitcoins.

What are KYC and AML?

What are KYC and AML?

Currently, most crypto exchange companies adopt two policies, Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML). Not only do you have to pay an entry fee to buy Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, but you also have to share your personal data. Exchange companies usually collect personal data from the work of customers, which include: For example, their full name, age, date of birth, government ID document with your address, etc. are asked from the customer. All this data is stored in an online database so that central authorities can report any unusual behavior from the customer. The main purpose of adopting these two policies is to curb any kind of financial crime and in doing so cryptocurrency buyers or Bitcoin buyers are in a lot of danger. The main reason for falling into danger is that Bitcoin buyers have to submit all their personal information to the company of an exchange, and the companies will be share it with everyone if they want. Exchanges now store the personal details of Bitcoin buyers in an online store, any hacker or thief can use sophisticated tools to steal that data and cause financial loss to customers. Now many crypto users don’t want to get involved in all these hassles they want their bitcoins to be safe and secure. So they don’t want to share any of their personal information to avoid these hassles and are more interested in buying bitcoins in other ways.

Where and how to buy Bitcoins anonymously?

Currently buying any cryptocurrency including Bitcoin requires you to buy from an exchange or broker by sharing some specific personal details. Now the point is that not everyone is interested in sharing their personal information. So for those who want to buy Bitcoins completely anonymously, I would like to discuss some methods of buying Bitcoins anonymously, let’s discuss this in detail.

You can buy Bitcoins anonymously through peer-to-peer marketplaces

The easiest way to buy Bitcoin without leaving any digital documents is to use cash. And since you can buy bitcoins privately in this peer-to-peer method, the best way to buy bitcoins anonymously is through this. Buy Bitcoin anonymously from local peer-to-peer marketplaces where you don’t need to share any additional personal information. In many areas agencies want to sell bitcoins through cash you can pick up from there. Because of this peer-to-peer approach to Bitcoin, you don’t have to share any personal information, and it’s also a bit hassle-free. Now the real thing is if you go to buy bitcoins in this process or meet up you may run into problems like scams and frauds. This is because when you buy a lot of bitcoins, you will probably lose your money and you won’t be able to do anything.

Bitcoins can be purchased anonymously through decentralized exchanges

Bitcoins can be purchased anonymously through decentralized exchanges

A decentralized exchange system is a peer-to-peer exchange where no central authority is required. On these exchanges you can trade bitcoins anonymously without sharing any of your personal information. Currently there are many cryptocurrency exchange websites online, you can find decentralized exchange websites and exchange with them. These decentralized exchange websites do not ask any customer to share their personal information. Liquidity is a little higher in these exchanges.

1. Bitcoin ATMs

A Bitcoin ATM allows its customers to buy Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies anonymously. It is not like any conventional ATM. And it does not distribute cash to any of its customers and no one can withdraw from its account like a bank. It is a kiosk that allows customers to purchase bitcoins by depositing cash. Buyers will scan a (QR) code with their Bitcoin wallet address to purchase Bitcoins. And once the scan process is completed, the bitcoins will be transferred to the user’s wallet. Now, if the customer does not have a Bitcoin wallet, this time the wallet is created and the bitcoins purchased from the ATM are transferred to the new wallet. Now this process may take few minutes to complete. Its transaction process is in the form of blockchain and after scanning through this purchased crypto (QR) code is transferred to your wallet. Now the point is if you don’t want to use your wallet then the ATM will create a paper wallet for you and allow you to store your new key. Now with this you can send your purchased bitcoins to anyone, And this entire transaction can be done without sharing any of your personal information and you will have no chance of being in danger. Currently, the governments of many countries have legalized cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and these ATMs have been established openly in all those places. Now, many ATM machines may ask you to show your personal information when you go to buy bitcoins. So you need to find an ATM machine to buy bitcoins where you don’t have to share any personal information to buy bitcoins. These ATMs are a very effective system to buy bitcoins anonymously where you can buy bitcoins anonymously as you wish. It has 40000 ATMs in around 81 countries where you can buy bitcoins anonymously but this machine charges a small fee ranging from 7% to 20%.These machines are mostly available in America.

2. Cash by mail system

Websites like BitQuick that allow anonymous bitcoin purchases with cash by mail system. This system has to send cash to seller’s mail, Here; websites like Bitquick act as middlemen and hold the bitcoins from the buyer’s transaction until the cash reaches the seller. If you buy bitcoins in this system, you can buy bitcoins completely secretly and anonymously, and many people buy bitcoins in this system. Transactions in this system are rational and anyone can buy bitcoins anonymously through intermediaries paying only 2% charges. It will work as a monitor until the seller receives the cash, and after the cash is received, the bitcoin deposited from the seller will be transferred to the buyer.

Bitcoins are bought anonymously by Brokers

3. Bitcoins are bought anonymously by Brokers

The broker is very popular for buying bitcoins anonymously using a prepaid debit card to win without sharing any information. There is no hassle of any kind of registration and Bitcoin transactions are completely confidential through brokers. Nowadays there are many types of broker’s websites online that allow you to buy bitcoins completely anonymously. Bitcoins can be bought anonymously from these brokers through prepaid cards and PayPal.

Exchanges that focus on privacy

Not only decentralized websites, there are many types of centralized websites that sell bitcoins to customers in a completely confidential and anonymous manner. If you buy bitcoins anonymously on these websites, they will keep your information private and help you in case of any problem. There are many types of currency exchange companies that pay more attention to privacy. Now if you want to buy bitcoins anonymously, you should look for exchange system websites that focus more on privacy.

The benefits of buying Bitcoin anonymously are

There are many advantages of buying bitcoins in secret and I will discuss about all those advantages. Transactions are confidential and anonymous so your personal information data and transaction data are not linked to each other, so you won’t get into trouble. If you buy Bitcoin anonymously, no one can steal your personal information. Buy bitcoins anonymously in places where traditional exchange methods are not used to avoid any kind of bitcoin fraud or theft. You can diversify your investments you can buy bitcoins without linking your identity information to your wallet in this anonymous process. When you buy Bitcoin anonymously, you have more control over your funds. You can control your transactions by buying Bitcoin without sharing any of your personal information.

The disadvantages of buying bitcoins anonymously are

When you trade anonymously, your exchange websites or companies may expose you to risks such as fraud and scamming. Buying Bitcoin anonymously can be a huge hassle for those with little technical knowledge. Anonymous transaction charges slightly higher than the regular exchange system. If you are buying bitcoins completely anonymously then you cannot solve any problem in your wallet. In that case, your wallet may be completely lost which is very difficult and impossible to recover. If you want to buy and sell bitcoins anonymously, it is very difficult to find buyers and you may face liquidity problems.

Final Thoughts

To buy Bitcoin anonymously you need to be very careful because there are many exchanges that offer crypto exchanges. Now to see which exchanges have high ratings and reviews you can get paid to buy bitcoins anonymously there. Many people want to buy Bitcoin secretly and anonymously for their personal use. Many people think that these bitcoin transactions are completely anonymous which is completely wrong and these bitcoin transactions can be viewed by anyone using advanced tools. That’s why everyone is interested in buying Bitcoin anonymously keeping privacy in mind. Today in this blog we have discussed many ways through which it is possible to buy Bitcoins anonymously.

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