Cryptocurrency – An Ultimate Guide for Starters (2023)

What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency and at the same time it is a virtual currency. Private transactions are made through cryptocurrency. It is a digital payment system that is not associated with any bank or financial institution. You will see the existence of this currency only online or virtual world which has no real existence. We know that crypto means secret and currency means money. Peer to peer transactions are done through this currency. This currency is not controlled by anyone, it is a separate currency.

It is a currency through which you can do any transaction in a very secret way that no third party can trace you. Through this currency one can know who is dealing with whom. This currency was originally invented with privacy and security in mind. It is a currency that no government of any country interferes with. This currency is so popular due to privacy and many other reasons. We know that money is the medium of exchange. Currently, it works as a crypto and exchange medium. Crypto is the most popular transaction medium in the online world. When we send money through a bank or any other, the bank or any other financial institution charges fees from our work. They don’t give away these transactions for free. But crypto is not regulated by any financial institution, it does not incur high transaction fee, it carries a very small fee. So now everyone is more inclined towards cryptocurrency.

Who is created the first cryptocurrency?

Today we all know more or less about crypto currency but this currency was invented by someone. So the question is who discovered this secret currency, however, someone created this secret currency first. Now we will know what and why this currency was invented. Tory coined the idea that the first currency was invented with privacy in mind and that it would not be controlled by a single person or group.

A man named David Cham worked on the first cryptocurrency, he was the first cryptocurrency inventor. This cryptocurrency was invented in 1983 and was named eCash. He is the first to think about how exchange without third-party intervention can be done in online currency transactions. And he worked on it for a long time. His currency was running well for a long time but finally, this currency was closed. He could not even succeed in this secret currency. But he is ideal for those who discover cryptocurrencies next.

How does this cryptocurrency work?

How does this cryptocurrency work?

Entire cryptocurrencies are usually built on blockchain technology. Blockchain technology is a technology that you can use but not copy. Blockchain is that every data is in the form of blocks and one block is chained with another block. And data is encoded in it by cryptography, you cannot destroy or delete data from any block of the blockchain. It stores every transaction like a log and is designed in such a way that no one can steal, hack, or delete any data from it.

Blockchain is a very secure and fast linden system and highly secure using it to transact cryptocurrencies has increased people’s confidence. People want to invest in this secret currency nowadays because of this security. Suppose you make a transaction with someone using this blockchain, then one of your data is added to another data in the form of a hash. And this hash is linked to another and another hash is created thus each transaction is linked to another transaction. As these blocks are connected to each other in this way, it is not possible to destroy these blocks.

How many cryptocurrencies are listed in total?

We know cryptocurrency is a secret currency with which you can buy and receive virtually anything. Cryptocurrency is what we know it to be, this coin is not a common currency it is a digital currency that you can buy or sell everything all over the online world without any third party. At present there are more than 19000+ cryptocurrencies with different names. Not all of these currencies are popular; some of them are very popular cryptocurrency;

  • Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the first and most successful cryptocurrency entire world. An unknown person Satoshi Nakamoto or his entire team invented this currency in 2008. And it was opened to public in 2009. Bitcoin is the decentralized cryptocurrency and it is the most popular. It is powered by blockchain and is one of the most valuable of all cryptocurrencies. That is, no other currency is as valuable as Bitcoin, its market value is higher than much other currencies, and it is divided into smaller blocks called Satoshi. The reason this currency is broken up into smaller pieces is because it cannot be bought by many people alone and it cannot be used to buy anything. As we all know that its market price fluctuates all the time so it is very difficult to determine its exact price. It is such a secret currency that people transact online with it to hide their identity. It is such a secret currency that people transact online with it to hide their identity. But other than Bitcoin there are many cryptocurrencies available in the online market and their market value is much lower than Bitcoin.

How many cryptocurrencies are listed in total?

  • Ethereum

Ethereum is the second most approved cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. Its online market value is not as high as that of Bitcoin, but it is comparatively higher than all other currencies and it is also very popular. Ether is the cryptocurrency tied to the Ethereum blockchain. Ether is slightly different than Bitcoin because it operates on its own blockchain. Ether is a cryptocurrency that can generate many coins. They are a smart currency that runs on its own blockchain and automatically activates when certain conditions are met. It was invented in 2013.

  • Binance Coin

Binance Coin is endemic to Binance, the world’s greatest cryptocurrency exchange as of 2021. It was established in 2017. It is the largest cryptocurrency exchange system to date. Although it is not a cryptocurrency directly, it is an exchange system of many different cryptocurrencies. It is the most popular exchange system and is done on most exchanges here. Here one type of crypto is exchanged for another type of crypto.

  • Dogecoin

Dogecoin is a type of cryptocurrency where every transaction is linked by blockchain. It is an open source peer to peer transaction. It also does not involve any third party intervention which means you can use it completely secretly. It has a picture of a dog. It is also a popular cryptocurrency.

  • Litecoin

Litecoin is a popular cryptocurrency. It is also a peer to peer transaction and it can transact money in very quick time. It can transact very quickly anonymously and is not controlled by any central authority. Like all other currencies it is very popular and it is also a decentralized system so that you can do your transactions safely. Litecoin crypto launches in the online world in 2011.

  • Cardano

It is the most popular among other cryptocurrencies and is also traded through the blockchain. You can transact through it completely confidentially and it is a very popular online currency.

  • Namecoin

It is based on currencies like Bitcoin. It is also a common and very popular cryptocurrency. It also works with transactions on a public ledger blockchain.

  • Ripple

It is a cryptocurrency and it was created in 2012 by an American company. It’s a crypto currency as well as a crypto exchange system.

Is it really possible for anyone to create Cryptocurrency?

Is it really possible for anyone to create Cryptocurrency?

Anyone can create a cryptocurrency, Launching and making a cryptocurrency successful requires a lot of investment of labor and money. It has to be done with patience like miners and requires a lot of powerful computers to make it. Launching a crypto after creating it is another huge challenge. The process of creating new crypto is called mining. Doing anything takes time and effort and at the same time patience and persistence.

Are cryptocurrencies legal or illegal?

We all know crypto is a currency and it allows transactions to be done online anonymously. Although the use of cryptocurrencies is legal in many countries, the use of cryptocurrencies is still not permitted in many countries. The reason for non-validation is that it is not under the control of any central government and the government does not collect any kind of tax through it. We already know that it is a decentralized currency. No third party including the government can interfere with this currency as it is traded completely anonymously.

The circulation of dark web is the most important because everyone takes the help of cryptocurrency to carry out all the transactions on the dark web secretly. The dark web is a dark world of the internet and all the transactions that are done in this world are almost illegal. If this currency is used for illegal activities then it is still illegal. The dark web is a haven for criminals and they use this currency because they can remain anonymous as a result of using this crypto. Tracing them becomes very difficult and criminals can evade the eyes of the law and operate themselves online.


Cryptocurrency is a digital medium of exchange and here all transactions are done anonymously while maintaining confidentiality. Cryptocurrencies now rule the online world because they are not restricted by any central authority. It is self-administered and controlled by no government. This is mostly used by criminals on the dark web because no one will want to know where the money comes from or what your identity is. Criminals of the outside online world consider this cryptocurrency as the most favorite medium to invest their black money. This means that criminals in the online world use it as well to launder black money from abroad and it is now considered safe. Those of us who do not understand cryptocurrency very well may have problems investing in this currency.

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